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    Stratus for SoundCloud

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    Stratus for SoundCloud
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    Stratus is a simple and efficient SoundCloud player. Features - The app is located in the menu bar, allowing you to always keep SoundCloud open, saving you from worrying about managing browser tabs, or losing your music when you close/restart your browser. - Stratus also features customizable keyboard shortcuts - you can quickly pause/play or skip to the next/previous song no matter what you are currently doing. - Ever forgotten the name of a song you listened to? The app keeps a list of your recently played songs, so you can effortlessly jump back to what you listened to earlier! - Stratus is also optimized for efficiency, it occupies very little system resources and therefore uses very little power - perfect if you are running on battery power.

    Best iMac Pro Stratus-for-SoundCloud-ver-1.14-76R.dmg {4956 kb}
    Version Mojave vers.1.10_Stratus_for_SoundCloud_Noslm5.app {4596 kb}
    Updated for MacBook Air Stratus.for.SoundCloud.v.3.12.FPWFF.tar.gz {4460 kb}

    Miles Dunne
    Official site:

    Recomended High Sierra BEAR-VERSION-1.6-LG6.DMG {11197 KB} 1.6.1
    Version Mac Pro WSH.ID3MOD.3.4.APP {2278 KB} 2.7

    [5362 KB] Get V.1.11 STRATUS FOR SOUNDCLOUD XPE 1.15 El Captan
    [3694 KB] App 2nM Stratus for SoundCloud v.1.15 1.10 Updated OS X
    [4821 KB] Download ver. 1.10 Stratus for SoundCloud l9aVz4 1.14 New on High Sierra
    [4956 KB] Software v.1.16 Stratus for SoundCloud tqRe 3.12 on MacBook Pro
    [4280 KB] Free 1.16 Stratus for SoundCloud IYQGh 1.10 Recomended MacBook

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